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It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged and let you all in on what we’ve been up to! We’ve been so busy catering events and making awesome cupcakes for our amazing customers that there just hasn’t been time to actually share what we’ve been doing. Now with fall rolling in and things a bit calmer this week we thought it was about time to show you some pics. So here goes!

Recently we were contacted by the nice folks at Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers for an exciting order to be SHIPPED to Kevin Williams of the Minnesota Vikings. Kevin had previously had our cupcakes in years past and specially requested them for the start of the NFL season!

The kiddos have been keeping us busy too with all the characters and such they want to see on their cupcakes. It’s hard work but their smiles are worth every second of it :)

Weddings, showers, birthdays… everyone wants a cupcake tier! Here’s just a few:

Genine looked gorgeous of course & the strapping groom lovingly agreed :)

Cupcakes at Geva! Lots of them!

Jamie & Pat’s wedding :)

Strawberry Lemonade, monogrammed hearts, flowers, easter eggs… the whole shebang!

But Wait! We also do cool yummy scrumptious cakes! 

Lastly for today, let’s not forget the hot new cake pop! Cake & frosting mashed together and dipped in chocolate? Hells yeah!

Stay tuned for our next post about our visit with Nichelle Stephens from Cupcakes Take The Cake fame!!

Ice cream with your cupcakes??! Coming right up!!

We’re pretty psyched to announce that we’ll soon be offering ice cream on our menu! Not just ANY ice cream either… this is super special ice cream. Pittsford Farms Dairy has been awesome enough to partner with Dollop to sell their made from scratch ice cream alongside our cupcakes!


If you’ve never had this ice cream before, you absolutely MUST try it. This is the creamiest freshest ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Even better is that with all of our topping choices you’ll have more options than you would at a traditional ice cream shop!

Another exciting tidbit is that Dollop is currently the only place in Rochester that you can get Pittsford Farms Dairy ice cream by the scoop! We’ll be offering dishes and cones and of course a cupcake/ice cream combo! Cake and ice cream together anytime you want it?? Oh yes! It’s like a celebration everyday here at Dollop!

So starting next week you’ll be able to get your choice of cupcake or ice cream or both! Also, to celebrate our one year anniversary on Saturday July 2nd (can’t believe it’s been a year!!!!) we’ll be giving away a free mini scoop of ice cream with a purchase of a cupcake. You guys have been amazing customers this past year and we’d love to see you all and thank you in person on Saturday. Come on out, watch the parade, celebrate with us and chow down on some awesomely scrumptious goodies!

** one free mini scoop per person. Dine in only.

Cupcake Decorating Parties Rock!

If you’ve been in our shop (which you better have!) then you’ve discovered how small it is. This is not ALWAYS a bad thing but when it comes to parties, the “more the merrier” cliche doesn’t quite hold true. Not too long ago we found a solution for this though! Our awesome solution: bringing Dollop to you and throwing a sweet party in the comfort of your very own home! So far it’s been working amazingly well. The Dollop girls show up to the party with cupcakes, fillings, frostings and toppings in tow and show the party-goers how to decorate their very own Dollop cupcakes! It’s seriously a blast, no lie :-). Just check out the pics of all the fun!

Omg looking so tasty! Don’t drop them though!

The party girls and their cupcakes! All smiles for Julia’s 13th birthday!

The adults are getting in on the action too! Cupcake decorating is for men and women, young and old! (Not that these two are old, of course! They look just like the 13 year olds! :D)


Look at that spread! Peanut Butter & Vanilla frostings for each of the girls to decorate with. Rachael is showing the gals how to cut the holes for that whipped cream filling you see right there.


As the line forms, the girls get instructions. Cut, fill, frost, top!

We’ve got some cupcake stars in the making! Just look at that focus!

Come get some sweet apple cupcakes for Rosh hashanah! It’s going to be a sweet new year, right friends? :)

Hopefully you’re a patient of Dr. Drabik’s and you have an appointment today… We just delivered 144 cupcakes for their awesome Cupcake Day!

Hey peeps! If you come in tonight between 5pm and 8pm and use the word scrump-didilly-umptious in a sentence (right, it’s not a real word but still fun to say) we will sing you a song and give you a free filling!

Do it!

Let’s do the malt ball frosting again today because it’s sooooooo scrumptious! Might have a new surprise topping for you all too :)

Don’t miss out on the cheesecake cupcakes today! Oh and we just made a new frosting that we can’t stop tasting… Chocolate malt ball mmmm :)

Open till 6pm today of course!

Oooh we’re on a roll today… We now have brownie batter cupcakes!

Thanks to our kind friends at coldstone creamery in pittsford plaza for the cotton candy flavor so we could make this scrumptious cotton candy frosting! Available today and tomorrow along with cotton candy for a topping!